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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  April 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the densest fog we have seen in a while. many areas north and west of town near zero this morning for the visibilities the rain came through and dropped a quarter inch at reagan national. it set the stage for the dense fog advisory. the counties in yellow which is just about everybody in the viewing area. visibilities zero in gaithersburg, winchester, martinsburg a quarter mile as has leesburg. dulles around zero and a half mile to our west in manassas. temperatures starting off 40s and 5 -- 50s. 6:00 a.m., good morning, angie. hello, everybody. happy thursday to you. we begin with a traffic alert. the bw parkway heading southbound at 495, the crash activity is taking away the right lane of the ramp and part of the roadway. expect delays if you plan to hit the road here anytime soon. on the outer loop. low visibility the big story of
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the morning. a live shot of university. you will hit patches of fog north of the district on the outer and inner loop. we will take you to route 67 through tysons. you can barely see -- you can't see anything in fact. heavy, heavy, heavy. thick fog, pea soup. on the dulles toll road and leesburg pike. 395, the fog is lifting a little bit but delays are starting to set in between the duke to seminary stretch of the road. 95 northbound, you are okay as far as incidents and no accidents to or at this time. slow between 123 and route 1 and you will hit a lot of fog between the fairfax county parkway to backlick where we are dropping the speeds. at the top of the hour we are talking metro. today ' system's interim general manager will present his plans to make ends meet. it's going to cost you more details of the plan are new this morning. kristin fisher is live with what you need to know. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. about a month ago, metro held a
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series of public hearings to find out what the public thought of how the agency should try to close its growing budget gap. nearly 2,000 people gave their two cents and 80% said they preferred rate hikes over service cuts. it appears metro's interim general manager was listening. his new budget plan is expected out today. so let's look at it right now. according to our partners at the washington examiner, the new interim general manager's plan calls for raising rail fares 30 cents from 1.65 during peak hours to 1.95 and as much as $5 for the longest trips. bus fares would rise 25 cents from 1.25 to 1.50. but there's a down side. sarle's plan calls for some cuts. on the weekend he is closing at 2:00 a.m. instead of the 3:00 with riders paying $4 fare for late-night service regardless of the trip
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length. he would close four station entrances, not the stations just the entrances after 8 p.m. on weekdays anding amore station entrances would close on weekends. so this morning we caught up with some early metro riders to find out what they thought of his plan. as you might imagine, reactions are mixed. take a listen. >> i think they got to focus on the service stuff here. you keep raising prices but that hasn't resulted in a lot of service improvements over time and they have to look internal at the activities they are doing and come up with efficient effective way of using the money they have now. >> i don't want service cuts. i don't care so much about the rate hikes, but i really would like for it to be on time. there was a fire on the train the other day, i didn't like that. >> reporter: were you on the train? >> i was on it? >> oh my gosh. keep in mind this plan is by no means a done deal. this is only a proposal at this
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point in time. metro's board of directors has to vote on it and they are expected to do that next week. andrea? >> thank you. today's announcement is less than a day after metro leaders went to captiol hill. the federal transit administration is recommending major changes at metro to address life and death state issues. >> this is a dysfunctional system, isn't it? it needs work. >> that is there is some real bad blood and hostility between some operating departments and that's a very, very dangerous environment in which to be running. >> reporter: among the federal recommendations, a complete restructuring of safety and communication protocols. the federal transit administration is asking congress for authority to have direct oversight of metro. a local swim coach is off the job after he was accused of sexually abusing a former swimmer while working in missouri. the victim filed a civil
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lawsuit against hip. he was the coach of occoquan swimmers in manassas. 9 news now spoke with the girl's mother. >> he started to sexually grooming her, befriending her, creating an at ms. fear of, you know, all powerful, you need me. >> reporter: the site also accuses aaron dean of failing to protect the girl. dean was the supervisor in missouri. virginia governor mcdonnell say he is pleased with the one- day special session on wednesday. 90% of the amies made it through the house and senate including restrictions on abortion funding and hike in speeding fines. some big ones that didn't get through. cuts in funding for at-risk teens and cuts for public radio and television stations. many maryland, ulysses curry is under investigation
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for the use of his campaign account. the maryland board of elections asked theostat prosecutor to see if the portion county democrat improperly used $53,000 for noncampaign use. curry is the chairman of the maryland budget and taxation committee. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here and says it is time to start saving money. >> that's right. if you head to the story for -- if you head to the store for appliances, today is the first day that they can take advantage of the cash for clunkiers alines program. district of columbia and virginia you are not far behind. the program hands out rebates toward the percentage of energy efficient appliances. maryland rolls our the program today. the 40th anniversary of effort day and virginia residents can reserve their rebate on-line april 28 that district starts in late may. massey energy's top executives are due to speak to wall street today. the first time since an
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explosion killed 29 men in west virginia. a conference call with security analysts is scheduled for this morning. the company expects the second quarter loss from the mine explosion to range between 80 to $150 million including benefits to employee and damage to the mine. as ben roethlisberger get with an nfl suspension of six games he is drawing heat from the fans. allegations about sexual assaults have been costing vendor and the nfl a lot of money. his m.d. merchandise used to go quickly but since the latest claims emerged hardly anyone is buying the big ben products. one they are buying is a t- shirt that shows tiger woods a roethlisberger and a caption that reads dumb and dumber. >> probably on the back jesse james. all right. somebody's making money off of this. thank you. the washington capitals are one win away from moving on in the playoffs. ovechkin scored twice last
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night. caps win 6-3 and hold a three games to one lead. game five is tomorrow night at home at verizon center. brett haber has more on the win coming up at 6:22. it is 8 after the hour. in ten minutes, new life for an old hospital in the district. plus, the latest on a developing story. >> the search is on for 11 people still missing after an oil rig off the coast of louisiana. details coming up. and right now it is our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> much of maryland from hagerstown, frederick and rockville to annapolis, visibilities up a quarter mile or less. dense fog advisory until 9:00. we will see that fog and cloudiness around here at the 9:00 hour. temperatures start to recover to the 50s and maybe near 60. by lunchtime we should be in the bright sunshine. mid to upper 60s with 50s in garrett county. good afternoon, 60s and low 70s and could be an isolated shower
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or storm but much better finish than start. >> sounds good to me. we are following the maryland roads. southbound bw parkway approaching the beltway is where we have crash activity. we have a jam up here. you are losing the right lane. definitely slow approaching route 50 south from the capital beltway. moving over to quince orchard and clopper. a live shot. lights out here you can see but fog is lingering so low visibility. take your time. connecticut and university, seeing a similar situation. things are little worse out here. like i mentioned before, you are not going go at the normal speed. you will need extra minutes. we are back in 90 seconds with more traffic, weather and news. keep it here. //
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an oil rig explosion, dozens of workers are back home now. we have a report that family members are anxiously waiting for word. >> the coast guard hopes for more rescues like this one after a fire and explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico. >> taking them slow. >> reporter: 115 people evacuated the platform including several with critical injuries but 11 workers are
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still missing. those families are praying he's safe. >> no words to describe. >> reporter: he and the other workers have the best chance of survival if they reach the covered lifeboats. >> we have the ability to search throughout the night and we continue to search. >> reporter: the rig is about 40 miles off the southern tip of louisiana. workers didn't get warnings about a problem before the explosion. >> we don't know what caused the incident. our efforts are concentrated on caring for the people. >> this is what it looked like before the accident. it is owned by lance ocean, a houston-based company but under lease by british petroleum. the companies haven't been able to talk to crew members. many are expected to arrive here this morning. the rig is sinking but the coast guard says it is not in danger of capsizing. so far the environmental threat is limited since crude oil and gas continue to burn rather than going in the gulf.
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any possibility of pollution is a secondary concern until the workers are found. this morning here's what is in the news now. airlines across europe are scrambling to pack up now that planes are flying again. restrictions remain in england, france and sand knave ya because of the volcano in iceland. president obama is reviewing several choices to replace retiring justice. today is the 40th annual earth day. montgomery county leaders had a jump on things celebrating the agricultural preserve. it is 93,000-acres. not only is it berth earth day but bring your child to work and howard bernstein has brought phillip here. good morning, phillip. >> good morning. >> you look good in the anchor seat there. you feel comfortable?
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>> yeah. >> still tired. >> yeah. >> phillip got up with me at 1:30 this morning to do this. >> oh my gosh, fog was very heavy. i could not see a foot in front of the car. >> let's check out what the fog is doing right now. what is this, recognize this one. >> the capitol building. it is hard to recognize through the fog. >> visibility down a mile or less. we will get out to vienna, virginia right now and not too bad there at the metro station but some reports of the visibility as we go out to sterling right now in dulles. down to around zero. that's where we start with a dense fog advisory. the counties in yellow from pennsylvania, virginia, maryland, eastern shore not seeing much but the visibilities themselves, we were talking about that, what have they been doing. >> dropping. >> now they are up a tad. they were down to zero. one location, remember that
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one, it was gaithersburg, but leesburg is a quarter mile. shenandoah valley up to hagerstown and washington. >> washington is up to 2. >> visibility is not that bad. look at annapolis to the east and baltimore still a quarter mile. so fog is an issue the next few hours. as far as the next three days with the forecast first, we have temperatures today which will be nice, right? >> uh-huh. >> warmer conditions this afternoon. low 70s. 70, on saturday what happens then. >> rainy in the 60s. >> the rain will move in midday to afternoon so we might be dry in the morning. the bus stop forecast this morning, a lot of -- >> fog. >> a lot of fog. temperatures chilly in spots. the sunrise here 7 minutes from now. then this afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and a stray shower and high temperatures will be spiking. >> yeah, low 70s. >> and northwest winds 10 to 20 and tonight variably cloudy and
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cool. what are the lows. >> 45 to 52. right now we have temperatures, look at that. we have a 38 here. that's martinsburg with the fog. 48 leesburg. we are 52 as is manassas but some temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. locally 49 for reston and great falls. 45 in gaithersburg. laytonsville, one of the cool spots at 42 and brandywine is 52 and crofton at 46. the storm system will set up over the weekend. as we look aft the seven day, phillip will help me about this one. tell me about today and tomorrow. >> in the low 70s today and tomorrow. >> and then the weekend. >> in the 60s and 70s. >> but we have moisture moving in, especially saturday afternoon and on sunday earth day festival on the national mall. i will be there noon to 3:00 hopefully not dodging rain drops or thunderstorms. it is 6:16. who's coming along in traffic. >> my name is angie. okay, phillip. going to have to work on that.
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thanks for joining us. we have an update for you. the accident on the southbound bw parkway. it is actually at annapolis road. starting a jam up from the beltway to the scene. on the outer loop, take it outside and show you we are delayed between new hampshire and georgia avenue. the fog is not helping much. yucky on 66 eastbound. this will be a tough drive to see from 234 to 28. the fog adding to the delay as well as 50 to 123. take your time. the beltway in virginia, some clearing fog but slow around the braddock road exit making your way to 66. and inbound new york avenue looks like we have typical delay between the times building and bladensburg road. the visibility is better out here than most areas right now. back to you. our time is 6:17. today district leaders will gather on the campus of saint elizabeth hospital for a grand reopening. the campus is along alabama avenue in southeast washington.
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the new facility will be home to more than 300 patients. hospital leaders say it will give them a more comfortable setting. the facility was built for $161 million. two concerns over a vaccine required for girls to attend school in the district of columbia. the drug in question is gardasil gardasil. the vaccination is supposed to help protect young women from the hpv virus which can cause cervical cancer but questions arose after a girl died in 2008 from what her mother believes was a negative reaction to the drug. >> she was having a cough that wouldn't get better. she had a rash that developed. after her third shot she also was complaining of feeling dizzy. >> reporter: the food and drug administration says its investigation of cases of adverse reaction have not shown a link with the drug. the dc city council is
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good morning, montreal have won 24 stanley cups and 42 players of the hall of fame but over the last 72 hour the caps have treated it with the disrespect outscoring them 11-4 in the two games up there and winning both. game four last night. similar onin goal and as good as he was on monday he was even better last night. watch him rob mike at point
6:23 am
blank range. it is tied at two the second. here's ovechkin. second of the game for ove puts the caps up 3-2 and 52 seconds after that, matt bradley, number ten, tries the wrap around here and jason is waiting for it on the backside. that made it 4-2. add a couple of empty netters. final 6-3. the caps lead the series three games to one. the nats hosting the rockies last night. evans with a couple men on. jumps on the curve ball. double. drives in willingham. maths with the lead. a couple of guys on base to make it interesting and stewart ends the game. nats win 6-4. and of course today is nfl draft round one. the redskins have one pick in the first three rounds. some believe they could try to add to that total by trading campbell before the day is over. as for the number four pick,
6:24 am
most drafts have the skins taking one of the offensive tackle studs. but several boards still have the skins taking notre dame quarterback. that's a look at sports. we will have live coverage of the draft tonight at 5:00. until then i'm brett haber have a great thursday. today president obama heads to wall street. a preview is six minutes away. you'll see a new $100 bill. why it is getting another
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news on a shooting in temple hills, maryland involving two prince georges county sheriffs deputies. police say they were providing security for club elite when a fight broke out early this morning. the deputies tried to stop the fight and one was purchased by a person getting in to the car. the other officers then fired at the car and it this the hospital suspect. the suspect in one case was taken to prince georges county medical center with nonlife- threatening injuries. thank you for starting your thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with thief's cast. >> phillip is joining me and it
6:29 am
is kind of foggy out there. >> and cold. >> a little damp, as well. start with the dense fog advisory which is in affect until -- >> until 9:00 a.m. >> until 9:00 a.m. it covers everybody and some visibles have been really low. looking at visibilities in many areas at a quarter mile or less. zero from leeburg and dulles. winchester up to a mile and a quarter. but all of the areas of a quarter mile and here in town, looks like northwest have to be a half mile or so. as far as temperatures this morning, washington sits at -- >> 52. >> and winchester -- >> 42. >> but the 30s in cumberland out there. so we have chilly temperatures out there in spots and early fog. however, later today it will turn? >> a lot warmer. >> and sunny with highs in the low 70s and shower possible. time for traffic. we turn it over to angie? >> he's improving. he got my name right this time. we want to keep you updated on the bw parkway.
6:30 am
heading southbound at annapolis road, stilt in the clearing stages trying to get the crash activity out of the way. we are in the red jammed back to the capital beltway. 270, fog, fog. it's the factor out of frederick making your way past falls road though split. volume everywhere. this obviously is not helping matters much. 395 you are delayed from edsall to seminary and bumper-to- bumper again crossing the 14th street bridge. visibility, the fog is a lifting a bit but not in the clear. 95, before that we are jammed lorton to backlick. back to you. today president obama takes on the issue of financial reforms. and he deliver his message a couple of miles away from wall street. sandra endo has a preview. >> reporter: the heart of the financial sector, president obama is making his case for reform. >> we also have to have basic rules of the road in place to make sure that investors, consumers, shareholders, the
6:31 am
economy, as a whole, are protected against excess are protected against wild gambles. >> reporter: the president wants congress to approve financial reform measures to help prevent big bank failures in the future and put in place protections to ward off an economic collapse. in his speech near wall street, part of the president's goal is to get the financial industry on board. >> the reforms we are proposing is to make sure we don't have to bail out firms if they act recklessly we can unwind them in an orderly fashion and taxpayers are aren'ten 0 on the hook. >> reporter: some say it would give government too much control over the financial sector. the compromise seems hob on the horizon. >> democrats and republicans want a good bill, a substantive bill that will put an idea of the idea that something is too big to fail.
6:32 am
i think that is bipartisan and that's the spirit we are working in. >> this is a time for both change and big decision. >> the tricky thing is to get lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to come together to financial financial reform months away from the midterm election season. so the president and congress are up against the clock. in washington, sandra endo for 9 news now. today there will be a private burial for brian betts. the shaw middle school principal was found murdered in his home last week. according to the dc public school's website there will be a public memorial service on saturday may 1st. it will be held at strathmore hall in north bethesda. the time has not yet been determined for the memorial service. more than 2,000 people turned out for a public viewing last night in manassas. bus loads of people showed up to remember the principal hailed as an outstanding educator, mentor and friend.
6:33 am
>> only person we had to keep us moving forward and now we have to do it without him. >> i love him so much it is not a good-bye but i will see him soon. >> reporter: police have not made any arrests in the case. they believe brian betts may have known his killer and even invite the person inside of his home. if metro's interim manager gets his way you will need more money for your morning commute. he is unveiling a plan to ease metro's budget crisis. kristin fisher is live with a preview. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. for the most part this plan calls for some pretty substantial rate hikes which is factually what people who spoke out in a public hearing the majority of people who spoke out in the hearings last monday were hoping for but the bad news is there are sol significant service cuts, especially on the weekends. check this out our partners a the washington examiner are
6:34 am
reporting this proposed plan calls for closing the rail system at 2:00 a.m. instead of 3:00 a.m. on weekends with riders paying a flat $4 fare for all late- night service regardless of the trip length and close four stations after 8 p.m. on weekdays anding amore on weekends. as for the rate hike, metro's interim general manager is asking the board to raise fares 30 cents from the current minimum of $1.65 during peak hours to 1.95 and as much as $5 for the longest trip. bus fares would rise 25 cents from $1.25 to 1.50. but visitors and occasional riders, get this, they would have to pay even more. bus riders would need to cough up an extra ten cents and rail rider answer extra 25 cents per transaction. keep in mind the plan is not a done deal. metro board members have to vote on the changes next week. this is only a posal, not a
6:35 am
done deal and this morning i caught up with a few metro riders to find out what they think of the proposed plan. so far the reaction is mixed. most people seem to say they want both but when you have a $200 million budget short fall, something's got to give and at this point in time in it seems the main thing that will have to give are the rate hikes, or the fares if this goes through. >> thank you. another money problem for metro. the group building the silver line says metro is overcharging for train cars. the 64 new cars were supposed to cost $190 million but the airport authority says they hiked the price to 265 million. the silver line is the new branch heading falls church to tysons corner to dulles airport and ending in loudoun county. the first phase should open by 2013. the $100 bill is getting a makeover with new colors, security features and water
6:36 am
marks. the treasury department showed it off yesterday. it will have a new security ribbon in the middle and water marks which change colors when you move the bill along with other security features. the $100 is the most forged bill across the world. they say the redesign is aimed at stopping counterfeiters. >> protecting the currency, it's about protecting the integrity of our financial system. it requires continuous invasion and creativity. exemplified by benjamin franklin whose image graces the note. >> reporter: you should start to see the new bills by february of 2011. today is earth day. ahead, a way to find some great ways to mark the day. plus, green goes glam. in seven minutes how cosmetics companies are going to great length to draw in customers with eco friendly products.
6:37 am
like everybody else, virginia is dealing with fog from culpeper to sterling to winchester and leesburg. we have visibilities running a quarter mile or less. even down to zero right now reported at dulles airport. we will see some of that low cloudiness and fog lingering through the 9:00 hour. temperatures in the mid-50s. we are recovering nicely with the sunshine in the afternoon. highs upper 60s to low 70s later on. may push 75 in culpeper. much better afternoon with a slim chance of a passing shower. we are looking forward to it. virginia, right now everything is about you. in fairfax a little bit of fog to deal with. this is a live shot at route 50 and 29. as you approach the tysons corner area, whether you are traveling the dulles toll road or route 7, thick fog is lingering out there. watch those speeds. keeping it moving. here's lee highway and glebe road. things are clearing out this way. things are looking better. 6:37. we'll be right back after these
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today's earth day and jessica doyle has a special earth day report and these days going green means wearing green and you are wearing green. >> for today it can mean green for stores that sell natural beauty products. a couple of years ago you had few options but now it is main stream and pretty high end. green has gone glam. >> now there's a plethora of products. bare essentials is 100% organic. number one product they offer is their mineral foundation powder, which is actually the number one foundation in the world. >> reporter: personal stylist says green beauty companies go through great lengths to be safe and environmentally
6:43 am
friendly. >> what is amazing about jurlique is they grow their own flowers and the product is produced from those flower restaurant the terminal really is not regulated by the fda so sephora has gone so far as to create green standards for the products themselves and they are selling. klein and company reports the natural personal care market grew by 13% last year as the rest of the industry suffered during the recession. they believe it is not a fad. >> besides being en vogue right now, especially for earth day, it is also a way to just stay 100% natural away from chemicals, away from synthetics to control what is going on to your skin. >> reporter: consumers are interested in green beauty now days they are willing to pay more to get it, even in tough economic times. a survey from market research firm intel finds a third of consumers will be willing to
6:44 am
pay a premium for environmentally friendly products and they have a wide variety to choose from. >> really nice choices, though. that's really good. thank you, jessica. and of course the "early show" is here with more on earth day. dave price is live with a preview. good morning, dave. >> good morning. andrea. always good to be back in washington, d.c. and on this 40th anniversary of earth day, you mentioned a little while ago where we are. and we are here because we are reminding people all across the country about the power of grassroots efforts to clean up rivers, to clean up communities and the impact it can have on the individuals and the people who are involved. we are with the earth conservation corps this morning, and we are going to meet remarkable young men and women who have changed their lives past and are now dedicated not only to saving the river behind me but themselves at the same time. it's a great story and hopefully you will stick around
6:45 am
and always great and inspiring to be with you in our nation's capital. >> all right. good to have you with us. you can learn more about the earth day festivities around town by going to metromix learn about the earth day food and drink specials in the hot spots in washington. here's howard at 6:45 with more on the forecast for today. >> foggy this morning. we will burn it off mid- morning. some areas will linger longer than others and the afternoon looks good. keep that in mind, even though there might be an isolated sprinkle in one or two spots. a dense fog advisory in affect until 9:00 for the counties in yellow from south central pennsylvania to southern and southeastern virginia including the entire washington metro region. if you are watching from the eastern shore a little fog toward delaware but no advisories. some visibilities coming in, zero from leesburg and dulles and gaithersburg. reagan national 2 miles. and 8 for baltimore.
6:46 am
westminster, you are at zero, as well. a quarter mile at the airport in fled rick and annapolis. a lot of fog here. vicinities have come up to two miles from a half. culpeper up to martinsburg and hagerstown a quarter mile. but winchester a mile and a quarter. steve in cross junction said he can see his tree line. it wasn't too bad. 72 this afternoon and warmer. slim chance of a shower. tomorrow is pleasant with a high of 70 and showers returning by saturday afternoon if not mid to late morning on saturday. we hope to keep it in the afternoon. but you have the soccer game or little league game in early you will get it in. 38 to 526789 sunrise is 6:22. sunny and breezy this afternoon with a stray shower possible in to the low if not mid-70s west. northwest winds 10 to 20. variably cloudy and come. mid-40s to low 50s. with the northwest winds and the air drying out, i do not expect a repeat of the fog situation.
6:47 am
52 here. here's 38 for martinsburg and cumberland 36. fredericksburg milder with patuxent river and cambridge 54 degrees. and in town we have low 50s. still low 40s from laytonsville to 50 in fairfax and andrews and ft. belvoir and great falls at 49. reagan national 2-mile visibility with some fog. 52 with a dew point of 48. only four degree spread. areas where the fog is low, the temperature dew point is on top of each other with 100% humidity. big storm out west. as this guy moves east it will push warmer air toward us. pieces of energy will help to mess up the weekend in to early next week. you see that on the seven-day forecast. milder temperatures at least today and tomorrow with a stray shower this afternoon after the early fog. saturday the rain returns in the afternoon. we get to the warm sector on sunday. a chance of thunderstorms with the showers the 70s. back to the 60s with more rain showers and clearing out on
6:48 am
tuesday and highs in the low 60s. better news for those who travel the bw parkway out at annapolis road. check it out. the accident is clear and looks like the delays went from red to green. we are starting to move up to speed from the beltway to the previous scene. on the outer loop not the case here. we are dragging in the fog from new hampshire to georgia avenue. plus ten minutes for these drivers right now. it is growing. 66 eastbound, we are moving below speed from 50 to nutley. the fog is not helping matters here. 395 northbound you are slow from the beltway to seminary tracking taillights bumper-to- bumper also from the pentagon toward the 14th street bridge. inbound new york avenue is how we will wrap it up from the times building to bladensburg road you are slow approaching the third street tunnel using the brakes again. back to you. our time is 6:49. passengers stranded at dulles airport because of the
6:49 am
icelandic volcano are finally getting the chance to go home. this morning, the united airlines flight to london is on time for the 9 listen 30 departure, and late yesterday the first flights from london to bwi marshall airport in six days touched down safely and passengers were happy to be home. >> i mean we were like thrilled watching the news every minute to make sure there was flight information. >> reporter: the flights to and from europe are packed as the airline tried to squeeze in stranded passengers along with those already holding tickets for the flight. the airlines say there's no quick answer to getting the backlog of passengers back home. maryland senator barbara mikulski is officially starting her 2010 re-election campaign tomorrow. the four-term senator is embarking on a state-wide tour that will last throughout the weekend. montgomery, frederick and prince georges county will be among the many stops. mikulski has represented maryland in the senate since 1987. in sports the capitals can
6:50 am
close out their playoff series with the canadiens tomorrow night. they came up big last night in montreal. >> now trying to stop it, score! washington scored twice this 60 seconds in the third period. caps beat them 6-3. game three is tomorrow night at verizon center. nats bide the rockies 6-4. the orioles are winless in seattle. the mariners hernandez had nine hits the game. baltimore loses 4-1 and fall to 2-14. 6:15. i believe it is 52 degrees here in northwest washington. one ticket, one jackpot worth a quarter billion dollars. in three minutes, learn where
6:51 am
the powerball winner was.
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6:54 am
here's what is in the news now. a private funeral today for brian betts. more than 2,000 people turned out for a viewing last night for the murdered principal. there will be another public memorial held on may 1st. dc police want your help to catch two bad guys. they robbed the manager at nelly's sports bar in northwest washington on monday night. no one was hurt. and someone, who bought a powerball ticket in missouri, is $252 million richer today. just one winning ticket was sold for last night's drawing. the odds of winning, 19 million to 1. howard? >> dense fog advisory until 9:00. some places visibility near zero right now. we will see improvement by midday. highs in the low 70s an a slight chance of a shower. another look at the traffic with angie and the seven-day forecast went we return.
6:55 am
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♪[ music ] [ laughter ] >> forget books. these dads want to rock 'n' roll. the rock bottom remainders rocked last night. the best selling group played here in town last night. the proceeds from the event went to haiti earthquake relief and raised money for books which will go to the trick public schools. >> talented in so many ways. talk about the traffic. 95 northbound. one stall and slow go from the prince william parkway to the mixing bowl. you will hit fog approaching the backlick road exit. the beltway in virginia, delayed braddock to 66. patchy fog all along the
6:59 am
capital beltway in to maryland. wrapping with a live shot of 355 and i-370. check it out. very thick still out in montgomery county. and from what i understand, howard, it will be like in the next couple of hours. dense fog advisory until 9:00. some fog may linger past that but we will break out with 72 and an isolated shower. 70 tomorrow as the weekend is wet at times. and sunday looks warmer than saturday but lingering rain will last through monday at times. as for wall street we are looking lower but we have microsoft and coming out. we will have to see how things shake out. the "early show" is next and they have more on the oil rig explosion and dave price is celebrating earth day in the district. >> you want to say hi to your class. >> hello to the class and fellow students. >> the latest news traffic and weather at >> we will see you


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